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Skill Development
- Practice full central venous catheterization using ultrasound guided or blind/landmark insertion approaches at the internal jugular, subclavian, and femoral access sites.
- Practice use of ultrasound for:
+ Developing psychomotor skills required for obtaining visualization during cannulation on pediatric patients
+ Visualizing arterial pulse and venous compression
+ Identifying anatomical location of target vessel
+ Visualizing needle cannulation, guidewire threading and catheter placement
- Practice palpating external landmarks to identify vessel location

- Anatomically correct, ultrasound compatible, soft tissue five year old, with all relevant difficult palpating landmarks and vascular anatomy
- Market leading durability—self-sealing tissues and veins provide the greatest value, in frequency of needle sticks and full catheterizations per access site, of any trainer on the market
- Exceptional ultrasound imaging through repeated use—needle sticks and full catheterizations do not degrade the image acuity
- Two colors of simulated blood differentiate the arterial and venous vessels—provides immediate feedback of unsuccessful cannulation
- Arterial pulse is present and vein realistically compresses under palpation
- Easily adjustable venous pressure regulator allows for vein compression or low pressure simulation scenarios
- Replaceable tissues come pre-filled with blue venous and red arterial fluid. Tissues can remain filled when not in use, and are easy to refill with provided fluid when necessary
- Portability—practice simulation in settings of actual patient care

- VascularAccessChild Body Form
- Replaceable Neck Tissue (VACN-20)
- Replaceable Femoral Tissue (VACF-20)
- Vessel Filling Port
- Fill Line
- Two Pulse Bulbs
- Two Venous Pressure Regulators
- Carrying Case
- Arterial Fluid (red)
- Venous Fluid (blue)
- User's Guide

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