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• Unique, affordable, smart simulator is the first patient simulator to have speech recognition ability and an HD camera
• Full-body, 45-lb. patient simulator with advanced communication skills is intuitive and easy to operate
• Speech recognition ability allows simulator to respond verbally to clinical interview questions with answers related to the scenario
• Students can practice medical interviewing skills to aid them in better assessing the patient
• CPR training and assessment
• HD IrisCam™ is built into the simulator’s right eye and records digital video for live streaming and review
• Simulation experiences can be delivered by experts either locally or remotely through the cloud
• Real-time remote simulation with multiuser capabilities allows students to utilize the PCS in one facility and be assessed by a facilitator in another facility, eliminating the need for facilitator workstations or licenses
• Remote simulation allows facilitator to alter physiological state through patient monitor, control simulator’s voice with text to speech and push-to-talk, watch live streaming video with audio, and collect checklist data
• Search the SmartLog for every simulation including physiological settings, voice transcripts, and custom entries by facilitators and students
• Restricted access mode for both live and archived simulations allows students to access simulations for self-review
• Allows sharing of simulator access, control, and live and archived sessions
• 8 hours of battery life

• Airway - Oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as all other standard airway procedures.
• Blood Pressure - Measure BP using the included sphygmomanometer with SmartCuff™ sensor.
• Breathing - Moving chest in sync with set respiratory rate. Set profiles with varying depth of breath.
• BVM Ventilation - Lifting chest and measuring and recording airflow over time when done with CPR.
• Circulation - 8 pulse touch points (2 each of brachial, carotid, pedal, and radial); pulse sensation on touch.
• CPR - CPR with metrics of chest compression depth/timing. Automatic logging of CPR.
• IrisCam™ - HD camera built into the eye of ALEX, digital video for live streaming and review.
• IV Access
• Patient Monitor -Direct control of HR, RR, SpO2, and TEMP to set target value and transition length.
• Patients - Scenarios with patient-specific status, resources, checklists, and voice replies.
• Sounds - Realistic lung/heart/bowel sounds and Korotkoff sounds using the SmartScope™.
• Speech - Speech recognition and synthesis for automated medical interviewing. Simulator contains speakers for voice and a high-sensitivity microphone.

Connectivity and Compatibility:
• Simulator requires Internet connection for operation
• Bandwidth requirement: ~3G (0.1 Mb/s) for control, ~4G (2 Mb/s) for full AV
• Can utilize wired or wireless (including guest) networks
• Control from a modern browser using HTML5 user interface, Chrome or Firefox recommended
• Requires no plugins or apps to be installed
• Responsive and scalable user interface, full functionality from smartphones to desktops

Accessories Included:
• Additional IV Arm
• SmartScope™ - Wireless stethoscope accessory delivering realistic lung, heart, and bowel sounds through any stethoscope or headset attached to it. By placing the speaker outside the simulator, the distortions of “through-the-skin” playback can be eliminated. Uses NFC technology for location identification with below-skin location patches and BlueTooth® for control and audio playback. Size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x ½". Uses rechargeable Li batteries.
• SmartCuff™ - Compact battery-operated pressure sensor attached to blood pressure cuff wirelessly communicating with simulator using Bluetooth® LE to control blood pressure measurement (playback of Korotkoff sounds and brachial pulse sensation). Size: 1" x 1" x 3/8". Uses a single user-replaceable CR1632 battery.

Includes Core features; cloud-connected control; advanced speech features (unlimited requests per day); IrisCam™ recording (10,000 hours); 5 years of simulation log archive; Enterprise API for logs, physio events, and live video; 5-year warranty with pre-shipping; and 30-day free returns

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