TRAUMA HAL (S3040.100)


Indent 2-4 bulan


- Rugged construction for combat, disaster, trauma care, and CBRNe simulation, even in the most demanding environments
- Rugged shoulder and hip joints for field and evacuation exercises
- Splash proof for CBRNe water spray decontamination
- Use NATO litter; cover with blanket without overheating
- Control HAL® using rugged wireless tablet PC from up to 900 ft. away
- HAL is fully functional on battery power for point-of-injury care and care in motion
- Wireless and tetherless with all components housed inside
- Bleeding trauma limbs and wound sites for training emergency bleeding control techniques
- 1.5 liter “On-board” simulated blood supply
- Internal rechargeable battery provides 10 hrs of continuous use on 2-4 hrs recharge time
- Fully operational on battery power or AC adapter
- Designed for fast scenario resets with easy to use fluid refill ports and interchangeable limbs
- Realtime CPR quality and performance feedback
- Built-in library of programmed scenario included; modify them; create your own
- Height 178cm / 70in

- Blinking eyes with light reactive pupils
- Software controlled fluid secretion at ears, eyes, or mouth
- Mild and severe convulsions

- Intubate ET tube, LMA, or King LT
- Programmable difficult airway with tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
- Laryngospasm with tight seal preventing intubation
- Surgical airway for cricothyrotomy, tracheostomy, and tracheal hook exercises
- Permits liquids in the airways for suctioning
- Streaming audio; be the voice of Trauma HAL; hear responses at distances up to 150 ft.
- Pre-record and program verbal responses in any language
- Palpable ribs and realistic chest cavity
- Shallow and deep needle decompression with audible hiss and needle placement detection
- Needle decompression to 3.25in
- Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
- Automatic chest rise and fall with selectable respiratory patterns
- Selectable anterior lung sounds
- Bilateral chest drain sites

- Programmable heart sounds
- Monitor ECG using standard medical equipment. No special adapters required
- Pacing, cardioversion, defibrillation
- Built in library of cardiac rhythms

- Measure blood pressure using a real automatic BP monitor
- Detectable oxygen saturation using standard OSAT monitors
- Brachial pulse at bend in the arm
- Antecubital vein for IV training
- Software controlled visible cyanosis
- Radial, brachial, carotid, femoral, popliteal and pedal pulses are blood pressure dependent
- Supports sternal intraosseous infusion I/O (F.A.S.T.1 and more)
- Intraosseous tibia I/O access with replaceable tibia bones
- Bilateral deltoid and quadriceps IM injection sites

- Lower arms and legs are easily replaceable with trauma stumps that bleed in sync with heart rate and blood pressure
- Bleeding wounds at axilla and groin can be packed using combat gauze and respond to applied pressure
- Sensors in the arm and legs respond to tourniquet application and applied pressure
- Bleeding from two arteries in the forearm and three arteries in the legs respond to tourniquet application
- Pressure on femoral artery reduces or stops distal bleeding in leg
- “On-board” simulated blood supply; easy to refill; blood loss and blood reservoir level shown on tablet PC
- Easy to refill 1.5 lt. blood reservoir

- Visible gastric distention with esophageal intubation
- Internal fluid bladder with male genitalia for catheterization
- Bowel sounds in four quadrants

Supplied with:
- Healthy lower arms and legs
- Trauma lower arms and legs
- 1 left axilla wound and 1 groin wound
- Healthy axilla and groin inserts
- 24 trachea skin covers
- 24 cricothyroid membranes
- 10 surgical trachea inserts
- 2 reusable surgical cricoid inserts
- 1 non-surgical insert
- 12 intraosseous sternal access sites
- Wireless tablet PC with rugged “bump” case and GIGA software

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